schlechte horror spiele Abstract nouns are used to express things that we cannot be perceived by our sense organs (cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled, or tasted).den der ler sidst ler bedst

ruby laser autonivel there Ex: belief, thought, parenthood, etc.

Abstract nouns remain to be a subject of discussion among linguists. Words such as “laughter,” for example, cause separation among linguists; some linguists consider laughter to be an abstract noun, whereas others disagree as a laughter can be heard. Other words of discussion include “work” or “result.” The fact that the discussion persists on these words shows that the concept “abstract” does not have clearly defined borders.

Below you may find a list of commonly seen abstract nouns:


Anger Joy
Beauty Knowledge
Bravery Kinship
Childhood Life
Communication Luxury
Democracy Misery
Determination Modesty
Energy Option
Embarrassment Opportunity
Fear Peace
Friendship Pride
Gossip Relaxation
Grace Role
Happiness Skill
Hope Success
Information Trust
Intelligence Truth
Justice Wisdom