schlechte horror spiele An “active sentence” can be defined simply as the sentence wherein the action takes place. An active sentence is the opposite of a passive sentence.den der ler sidst ler bedst

ruby laser autonivel there For example:

  • The monkey ate all the bananas.
    In the example above, “the monkey” is the subject of the sentence. The monkey holds the position of the subject that realizes the action of eating.



Let us compare this sentence to its passive form:


  • The bananas were eaten by the monkey.


In the above example, “the bananas” do not take an action, is therefore not the subject of the sentence. On the contrary, they are affected by this action, which is the reason why we speak of being “passive.”
Below are a list of active sentences:

  • My mother is cleaning the house all day.
    • In this sentence, “my mother” is the subject that realizes the action of cleaning.


  • Ali broke the piano.
  • James spoke without permission.