schlechte horror spiele “Adjuncts” are words or word groups that do not ruin the grammatical structure of a sentence when they are removed. These sentences usually describe the verb, and provide information about the time, manner, frequency, reason or degree of the verb.den der ler sidst ler bedst

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Time Adjuncts

  • My car broke down yesterday.
  • In the morning, I will sign the contract.

Manner Adjuncts

  • He asked her to open her bag slowly.
  • Gareth looked at him like a demon.

Frequency Adjuncts

  • The dog comes here often.
  • Every Sunday, he closes the shop at ten.

Reason Adjuncts                

  • As it is Saturday, you can stay up another two hours.
  • Don’t expect that bike to run because it has been in my garage for ten years.

Degree Adjuncts

  • I think you were not as smart as you could have been.
  • Elisa is as rich as she is beautiful.