schlechte horror spiele Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning to each other.

den der ler sidst ler bedst For example:

  • ruby laser autonivel there Good is an antonym of bad.
  • Light is an antonym of heavy.

However, we cannot always encounter the antonym of a word. For example, the antonym of the word “good” can be “wicked, sour, malicious, evil, corrupt, bad.” One of the major reasons of this is that the word “good” can serve both as a noun and as an adjective. A second reason is that antonyms do not have to have exactly opposite meanings.

Antonyms can be categorized into two groups as graded and complementary antonyms.


Graded Antonyms

These antonyms do not necessarily have opposite meanings. That is to say, even though they connote a certain level of contrast, the meanings they connote are not exactly opposite to each other.

An example to graded antonym can be “good” vs. “poor, bad, terrible, unsatisfactory, etc.”


Complementary Antonyms

In this case, a word has only one antonym. The major reason behind this is the relationship between these words.

For example:

  • before – after
  • yes – no
  • off – on
  • dead – alive


Antonyms Constructed with Prefixes:

  • Able – unable
  • decent – indecent
  • typical – atypical
  • likely – unlikely