schlechte horror spiele Apostrophe is a punctuation mark that is used to indicate missing letters, in certain cases of plurality, and in signifying possession for a noun.

den der ler sidst ler bedst Below are some examples to the cases wherein the apostrophe is used.ruby laser autonivel there


  • Use of apostrophe when there is a missing letter:


Some grammatical groups/phrases require an apostrophe while constructing a negative sentence. This can be seen in the structure “verb + negation.”


For example:


Don’t    (replaces the “o” in the word “not”)
Can’t     (replaces the “o” in the word “not”)

Isn’t      (replaces the “o” in the word “not”)


  • Use of apostrophe for signifying possession:


We can use the apostrophe while signifying possession of an object by a noun.


For example:


The man’s hat

The cat’s toy     (one cat, one toy)

The cats’ toy     (multiple cats, one toy)
The cats’ toys   (multiple cats, multiple toys)


  • Use of the apostrophe while expressing time


Expressions of time require the use of apostrophe due to structural reasons.
For example:


A week’s rent
5 years’ debt
2 days’ pay


  • Use of the apostrophe in certain plural forms


In the plural structures in English, we may face some unusual plural forms. In such cases, we can use the apostrophe as seen in the examples below:


There are two p’s in clippers.
There are two consecutive or’s in this sentence: I would like to have a car or a house or a jet.