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Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
take after Resemble in appearance or character Jamie really takes after his dad.
take apart Dismantle or separate the components The technician has to take the machine a part in order to repair it.
take away Buy food at a restaurant and carry it elsewhere to eat it. Two beef curries to take away please.
take away Cause something to disappear The doctor gave me tablets to take away the pain.
take back Agree to receive back/ be returned. We will take back goods only if you can produce the receipt.
take back Retract or withdraw something said take back what I said about cheating.
take care of Look after I’ll take care of your plants while you’re away.
take off Leave the ground The plane took off at 7 o’clock.
take in Allow to stay in one’s home She’s always taking in stray cats and dogs!
take in Note with your eyes and register. She took in every detail of her rival’s outfit.
take in Understand what one sees, hears or reads / realize what is happening. The man immediately took in the scene and called the police.
take on Hire or engage staff Business is good so the company is taking on extra staff.
take out Remove / extract She took out a pen to note the address.
take out Invite someone to dinner, the theatre, cinema, etc. He took her out for a meal on her birthday.
talk into Persuade someone to do something talked John into buying a new car.
talk out of Persuade someone not to do something I tried to talk Amy out of leaving her job.
tear up Rip into pieces  Tear up the boxes before you put them in the bin.
tell off Reprimand / criticize severely The teacher told her off for not doing her homework.
test out Carry out an experiment The theory hasn’t been tested out yet.
think over Consider I’ll have to think over the proposal before I decide.
throw away Discard as useless or unwanted. You can throw away that book – it’s a load of rubbish!
throw up Vomit / be sick I nearly threw up when I saw the injured passengers.
tire out Exhaust completely The children tired out their grandmother.
touch down Land on the runway The plane touched down exactly on time.
toy with Think about, without serious intent I’ve been toying with the idea of starting to walk to work.
track down Find by searching The police finally tracked down the main suspect.
trade in Give as part payment for a new article. traded in my car for a new model.
try on Put on or wear something to see if it suits
or fits
I’m not sure about the size.  Can I try it on?
turn away Refuse entrance to someone Hundreds of fans were turned away from the football stadium.
turn down 1)Lower the volume.


1) Please turn down the music;  it’s too
2) I couldn’t turn down an offer like that!
turn off Stop by turning a switch, tap or knob. Turn off the lights please before you leave.
turn up 1) Arrive, appear

2) Raise the volume

1) She turned up an hour late.

2) Could you turn up the radio please?


use up Finish a product ( so that there’s none left) The kids have used up all the toothpaste.
veer away from Avoid, stay away from I veer away from hypochondriacs if I can.
vie with Compete or rival with someone The athletes vied with each other for first place.
vouch for Express confidence in, or guarantee something You can give the keys to Andy.  I can vouch forhim.
ward off Keep away or repel (something dangerous or unpleasant). I take plenty of vitamin C to ward off colds.
warm up 1) Reheat something.
2) Make more lively or more
1) She warmed up some left-over soup.
2) He told a  few jokes to warm up the
wash up Wash the dishes after a meal. Who’s going to help me wash up?
watch out Be careful Watch out! There’s a car coming.
water down 1) Dilute or make weaker by adding
2) Make less severe
1) If you water down the medicine it will be
easier to take.
2) He watered down his remarks so as not
to offend anyone.
wear away To disappear after use or over time. The words on the cover had worn away.
wear down Make someone feel weary/tired. The baby’s constant crying wore her down.
wear off Gradually disappear. The effect of the painkiller began to wear off.
wear out 1) Become unusable
2) Become very tired
1) Julie wore out her shoes sightseeing.
2) At the end of the day Julie was worn out.
whip up Prepare quickly. I can whip up something to eat if you’re hungry.
wolf down Eat greedily and quickly. The boys wolfed down the whole cake in no time!
work out 1) Do physical exercise
2) Find a solution or calculate
1) I work out twice a week at the gym club.
2) It’s expensive but I haven’t worked out
the exact cost yet.
wind up Finish or put an end to something – Before winding up his speech he thanked
everyone for their presence.
– He decided to wind up his business and
wind up Arrive finally in a place. We finally wound up in a village with a spectacular view.
wipe off Clean (board, table) The teacher asked Lee to wipe off the board.
wrap up Cover; enclose She’s busy wrapping up her Christmas presents.
wrap up Complete (a task, a discussion) The salesman hoped to wrap up a few deals.
write back Reply to a letter wrote back to accept the invitation.
write (sth) down Note something on a piece of paper. He wrote down the address of the hotel.