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idle away Waste time doing nothing much. He idles away hours every day watching television.
iron out Resolve by discussion/ eliminate
The meeting tomorrow will be an opportunity to iron out difficulties.
impose on/upon Ask too much of someone. Is it alright if I stay?
I don’t want to impose upon your hospitabity.
improve on/upon Make better The runner improved on his previous performance.
indulge in Allow yourself to enjoy something I’ve been dieting all week but today I’m going to indulge in a dessert.
insure against Guarantee compensation for damage etc. The house is insured against fire.
invite out Ask someone to join you for lunch, dinner, etc. Harry invited her out for dinner.
join in Participate She was too shy to join in the game.
join up 1) Engage in, become a member of

2) Meet and unite with

1) John was in the army and Tom joined up as soon as he left school.
2) The two groups of tourists joined up at the hotel.
jot down Take quick notes jotted down the address while watching the programme on TV.