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keep at Persevere. His father encouraged him to keep at his studies.
keep back Retain / force to stay back A barrier was installed to keep back the fans.
keep on Continue doing something I told him to be quiet but he kept on making noise.
keep up with Stay at the same level as someone or something Bill walks so fast it’s difficult to keep up with him.
kneel down Go down on your knees Most people kneel down to pray.
kick off Begin, start The football match kicked off at 3 p.m.
knock back Drink quickly (usually alcohol) He knocked back a pint of beer and left.
knock down Strike someone or something to the ground. The child was knocked down by a car.
The tree was knocked down during the storm
knock out Cause someone to fall unconscious. The boxer was knocked out in the first round.
know of have heard of / have knowledge about Do you know of anyone else attending the conference?


laugh off Make light of something / minimize He laughed off the unflattering review of his latest book.
lay off Fire, dismiss, let go Many factories have had to lay off workers.
leaf through Turn over pages quickly She leafed through a magazine in the waiting room.
leak out Become known (information) News of the planned merger leaked out.
leave out Omit / not mention Tom’s name was left out of the report.
let down 1) Disappoint

2) Lengthen (skirt, pants)

1) You promised to come to the party, so don’t let
me down!
2) The skirt is too short? I’ll let it down for you.
light up Illuminate 1) 1 watched the floodlights light up the castle.
2) Her face always lights up when she sees her grandson.
3) The screen lights up when you turn on a computer.
line up Stand in a row. The books were lined up neatly on the shelves.
live through Experience something and survive My grandparents lived through two wars.
liven up Make something livelier or more attractive. We need to liven up the presentation somehow.
log in/on Access a program or database using a password. You need to log in to your account before you use the services.
log off End access to a database. Log off the system and then turn off the computer.
look after Take care of A baby sitter looks after the children when their parents go out.
look ahead Think of the future It’s time to forget the past and look ahead.
look away Turn your head away so as not to see The scene was so horrible that I had to look away.
look back on Remember the past My parents and their friends like to look back on “the good old days”.
look down on Consider as inferior He tends to look down on anyone who is not successful.
look for Try to find something Jane went shopping to look for a pair of shoes.
look forward to Await or anticipate with pleasure I look forward to seeing you soon.
look into Examine or investigate. I’ll look into the matter and call you back.
look on Be a spectator at an event Billy didn’t take part in the fight.  He just looked on.
look out Be careful/pay attention Look out! There’s a car coming.
look through examine, usually quickly I’ll look through my mail to see if I can find your message.
look up to Admire He was a wonderful teacher and many students looked up to him.
lose out  Be unsuccessful / suffer a loss I’m the one who’ll lose out if our plan goes wrong.
lose out on miss or be deprived of something Because I left before the end of the year I lost out on the annual bonus.
I watched the documentary until the end so as not to lose out on anything.
lose out to be less successful Jose was called for an interview but he lost out to the candidate who spoke fluent English.