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Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
reel off Recite without effort or pause She amazed everyone by reeling off all the phrasal verbs she had learned.
rely on Count on / depend on / trust Don’t worry. You can rely on me.  I can keep
a secret.
rig out Dress or equip The old lady arrived all rigged out in her best clothes.
rig-out Outfit Stella arrived in the most extraordinary rig-out!
ring back Return a phone call  (Also: callback) John rang and asked if you could ring him back.
ring off End a phone call He gave his name and then rang off.
rub out Erase Write it in pencil so that you can rub it out.
rule out Eliminate The police ruled out political motives.
run away Escape from a place or suddenly leave He ran away from home at the age of fourteen.
run into Meet by accident or unexpectedly
(also : bump into)
Sophie ran into Maria at the shopping centre.
run out of Have no more of something What a nuisance! I’ve run out of coffee.
scale back/down Make something smaller than originally intended. Due to the crisis the company had to scale down the size of the plant.
scrape together
scrape up
Manage to find or collect enough of something you need, usually money We finally scraped together enough money to buy an old car.
scrape through Succeed with difficulty How I scraped through the exam is a mystery!
set off Start a journey Early Saturday morning we set off for the ski slopes.
set up Start a business She set up  her own company 10 years ago.
settle for Accept something not quite satisfactory.  I was hoping for a better proposal but I’ll settle for the amount you offer.
shop around Compare prices It’s always wise to shop around before buying anything.
show off Brag or want to be admired There’s David showing off in his new sports car!
show up Appear / arrive We expected William to come but he didn’t show up.
shut up (impolite) Be silent, stop talking Oh shut up you idiot!
sign away Give up one’s rights or ownership He signed away his property and joined a religious community.
sign in Register (e.g. at a hotel) Let’s go and eat as soon as we’ve signed in.
sign out Pay your bill and leave (e.g. a hotel) He signed out and left for the airport.
sign over (to) Transfer ownership of something He signed over the house to his two children.
sign up (for) Enroll in an activity Emma signed up for a computer course.
sign up (with) Sign an agreement to work for somebody Paul has signed up with a news agency.
single out Select for special attention Two boys were singled out for extra coaching.
sink in To be fully understood It took a while for the scale of the disaster to sink in.
sit down Take a seat Please come in and sit down.
sleep in Sleep later than usual Tomorrow is Saturday, so I can sleep in!
sleep over Stay overnight at someone else’s home. You’re welcome to sleep over if you don’t want to drive in this weather.
slip up Make a mistake You slipped up there! His name is Alex, not Alan!
slow down Decelerate You’re driving too fast. Slow down!
sober up Get rid of the effects of too much alcohol Jack went for a long walk to sober up.
sort out organise, resolve a problem Students should sort out their books at the end of the school year.
speed up accelerate We need to speed up the registration procedure.
stand for 1) Represent, mean
2) Tolerate
1) VAT stands for value added tax.
2) I’m not going to stand for such behaviour!
stand up Rise from a sitting position The pupils stood up when the headmaster arrived.
stick around Stay somewhere for some time I’ll stick around until the end of the parade.
stick out Come out His shirt was sticking out from his trousers.
stick out Become noticeable With that dress you’ll really stick out!
stick (sth) out Tolerate, accept to continue Lunch with my girlfriend’s colleagues was boring but I had to stick it out – I had no choice!
stick to Continue without changing anything We must decide on a plan of action and stick to it.
stick together Support each other. Good friends always stick together.
stick up for Defend It’s important to stick up for one’s principles.
stick with Continue using or doing something I’ll stick with this grammar book because it has everything I need.