schlechte horror spiele Some words connote cause, result, contrast, addition, and thereby connect words or phrases to each other. The most often used of these words are listed below:

den der ler sidst ler bedst  

ruby laser autonivel there Although he is very tired, he kept working

I like football, badminton, and tennis.

As I was sleeping, they phoned me.

As he grows, he becomes strong.

As I was very late, the boss got angry with me.

Because it was cold, we stayed in.

The dress was expensive, but she bought it.

Despite the cold weather, we went on holiday.

Jill didn’t go to school. Her brother didn’t, either.

You can either eat at home or go to a restaurant.

Even if you are ill, you must have the exam.

I will take my umbrella in case it rains.

We are happy in spite of everything.

Jill didn’t go to school and neither did her brother.

Don’t open the door unless they say their names.

When I was at your age, I worked very hard.




  • The AND-type:
    • Furthermore, moreover, what’s more, in addition, also, besides
    • The “and” type is used while making additions in the same direction.
      • Jill has very little money. What’s more, she doesn’t have her credit card with her.


  • The BUT- type
    • However, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the contrary, still
    • The but-type conveys the meaning of contrast.
      • It was raining. However,  we had a picnic.



  • The SO-type:
    • Therefore, thus, hence, as  a result, consequently, for that reason, as a consequence
    • This type connotes consequence.
      • It was too far to walk. Therefore, we took a taxi.


  • The OR-type:
    • Or else, otherwise
    • This type conveys an alternative situation.
      • Hurry up. Otherwise, you will be late.



Ex: “Did you like the new sales assistant?” “Well, she is warm and, erryou know, talkative. So I liked her.”

Filler words:

I mean

you know
it’s like
that thing

let me think
Filler Sounds:





“I am bored.”

Well. What can we do?”

Let me think. Hmm. We can, err, go to the beach.”

Oh, the weather is cold, you know. It isn’t a good idea.”

I mean, we can walk along the beach.”

OK. Good idea. Let’s.”