schlechte horror spiele Correlative conjunctions pair up with other words to connect elements in a sentence.

den der ler sidst ler bedst  

  • ruby laser autonivel there both . . . and

Both tea and coffee are my favourite drinks.

A bride both cries and goes.


  • not only . . . but also

We not only went shopping, but we also went to the cinema.

Not only John but also Jane went out.


  • either . . . or

We can go to either Miami or Hawaii. Which one would you like?

Make a decision. Either stay or leave here.


  • neither . . . nor

 She is neither my mother nor my sister. She is my aunt.

Neither İzmir nor İstanbul is in the Black Sea region.


  • whether . . . or

Whether you like her or you hate her, you have to stay with her in the same room.

Whether you ride your motorbike or you take the car, you will be late.

Do you wonder whether I am angry or pleased with you?

I don’t know whether he is at home or not.