1. schlechte horror spiele a) Demonstratives in the English language are “this, that, these, those”. These words can be used both as an adjective before a noun, and as a pronoun (i.e., without using a noun).

den der ler sidst ler bedst This is my car. This car is mine.

ruby laser autonivel there Those are Turkish soldiers over there. Those soldier over there are Turkish soldiers.


“This” and “that” are singular; whereas “these” and “those” are plural.

These books are worth reading.

This book is good for English learners.


  1. b) Use of “this/these”
  • “This” and “these” are used to refer to objects located closer to us.

This car here is my father’s.

I’m carrying these parcels home.


  • We can also use “this” and “these” for events or situations taking place now or to take place in the future.

We’re working in the garden this week.

This is my first day.


  • We can use “this” and “these” for something we are about to say.

Listen. This is a funny joke. One day, a man goes to hospital….


  • We can use “this” and “these” when introducing people:

Hello? This is Kevin. (telephone)


  • “This” and “these” can be used for places we are in or near to.

This room is mine.

I live in this city.



  1. c) Use of “that/those”
  • “That” and “those” refer to distance and past. 
  • “That” and “those” are used for objects located far from us.

Look! That’s an eagle in the sky.

Who are those people over there?


  • “That” and “those” are also used for events in the past:

I remember John’s birthday. That was a great party.


  • They can also be used for ideas/thought expressed before:

‘You are very late.’ ‘I am. I already know that.’

‘Bill broke his nose’ ‘Oh, that was awful.’


  • We can also use “that” for the person speaking with us on the phone:

‘Who’s that speaking?’