schlechte horror spiele Some nouns in the English language have different masculine and feminine forms. These can be specially seen in names of professions – though in the recent years unisex terms are being used, such as “flight attendant” instead of “steward/stewardess” or “waiter/waitress”.

den der ler sidst ler bedst  

ruby laser autonivel there MASCULINE FEMININE
boy girl
bridegroom bride
brother sister
dad mum
daddy mummy
man woman
father mother
gentleman lady
grandfather grandmother
groom bride
husband wife
king queen
man woman
male female
nephew niece
sir madam
son daughter
uncle aunt
actor actress
author authoress
bachelor spinster
baron baroness
conductor conductress
count countess
duke duchess
emperor empress
god goddess
headmaster headmistress
heir heiress
hero heroine
host hostess
manager manageress
master mistress
murderer murderess
policeman policewoman
prince princess
steward stewardess
wizard witch
waiter waitress
widower widow


In animal names, usually there is a unisex name for the name of the animal, but there also are specific names for the male and female types of animals:


rabbit buck doe
horse stallion mare
sheep ram ewe
pig boar sow
chicken rooster hen
duck drake duck
cattle bull cow
goose gander goose
fox fox vixen
tiger tiger tigress
lion lion lioness
leopard leopard leopardess
stag stag doe