schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst ruby laser autonivel there While constructing interrogative sentences using the form “be (am/is/are) going to,” the auxiliary verbs “am/is/are” must be placed before the subject.

  • Are you going to come with us?
  • Are they going to buy a new house?
  • Is your father going to come to the wedding?
  • Is it going to rain?
  • Are we going to be late?


Wh- questions

While constructing sentences using words of interrogation, the sentence must begin with the word of interrogation. The auxiliary verbs (am/is/are) must be placed before the subject.

  • What am going to do now?
  • Where are we going to meet again?
  • Why is he going to move to Adana?
  • Who are you going to invite to the wedding?
  • What time are we going to be at the café?
  • When are they going to get married?


While constructing questions that ask for the subject, the word of interrogation must replace the subject:

  • Who’s going to jump first?
  • Who’s going to meet you at the airport?
  • What’s going to happen?
  • What’s going to happen to you?