schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst Please read the below table for a comparison of the various uses of “if clause:”

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Type Use If clause Main clause Example
If-clause Type 0 general truth present simple present simple If you heat ice, it melts.
If-clause Type 1 present or future probable situations present simplepresent, continuous (am/is/are –ing),present perfect

(have/has+ V3)

will  + verbcan  + verbshould  + verb

may  + verb

might  + verb

must  + verb

If it rains tomorrow, I won’t go to the beach.
If-clause Type 2 present or future improbable situations past simple (V2),past continuous (was/were –ing) would + verbcould + verbmight + verb If I were very rich, I would travel around the world.
If-clause Type 3 unreal past situations past perfect (had + V3) would have V3,could have V3,might have V3 If you had studied hard, you would have passed the exam.