schlechte horror spiele “Noun” is a word that serves as the name of all living or nonliving things or abstract or physical concepts.

den der ler sidst ler bedst Ex:

ruby laser autonivel there Book, love, soil, man, cow


Nouns can be categorized as follows:


1) Common Nouns


Nouns that express common beings or things such as car, man, street, city, water, soil. Their first letter is not capitalized when used in the midst of the sentence, unless it is placed at the beginning of the sentence.


New York is the most beautiful city. (correct)

New York is the most beautiful City. (wrong)



Common nouns can be categorized as follows:


  1. a) Abstract nouns: bravery, love, fun, advice, news, information, joy
  1. b) Collective nouns: team, class, jury, committee, government, family
  1. c) Compound nouns: water bottle, alarm clock, two-week holiday, greenhouse, English teacher, mother-in-law
  1. d) Concrete nouns: tree, stone, door, cow
  1. e) Non-countable nouns: food, music soil, water, dust
  1. f) Gender-specific nouns: waiter, waitress, brother, sister
  1. g) Verbal nouns: building, attack, swimming, drawing
  1. h) Gerunds (verbs that are nominalized by adding –ing): playing football, swimming fast, being a student


2) Proper Nouns


Proper nouns are the specific names of a person, a place, a building etc.


John, Africa, Hong Kong, United Nations, Westminster Place


When used within the sentence, the first letter of proper nouns must be capitalized:


I saw Uncle Tim yesterday.

We saw the Tower of London.


3) Pronouns (I, you, we, they, he, she, it) are also considered among nouns.