schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst The subject pronouns, as well as their related object pronouns are listed in the table below: 

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Subject pronoun          Object pronoun

I                                              me

you                                         you

he                                           him

she                                         her

it                                            it

we                                          us

you                                         you

they                                        them


Object pronouns are used as the objects of verbs and prepositions (with, at, of, about, to, without, etc.) in a sentence.


Verb+ object pronoun

Mary is my sister. I like her very much.

Where’s Tom? I can’t see him here.

Do you love me?

I saw you in Paris.

New Star Wars film is boring. I didn’t like it.


Proposition + object pronoun

These are my paintings. What do you think of them?

Sally is late. I’m very angry with her.

You must come with us.

Look at me.

Your father is right. Listen to him.


Object pronouns can be used in the sentence either on their own or after adjectives.

‘Who is hungry?’ ‘Me.’

Happy him.