schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst 1) Active vs Passive

ruby laser autonivel there The subject in the active voice is the person to undertake the action: 

Ali broke the window.

People grow rice in China.


The subject of the passive voice is not the one to undertake the action; it is the one being affected by the action:

The window was broken by Ali.

Rice is grown in China.


2) Passive verbs are used with the verb to be and V3.

(to) be seen

(to) be written

(to) be painted

(to) be broken

(to) be invented


We always use V3 when constructing a passive sentence. The tense of the sentence is determined by the verb to be. Therefore we use the verb in that sentence in accordance with the tense, i.e. V3.


3) Structure of the passive voice:

Özne  + be (uygun tense) + V3 + by agent

Ice tea is served cold.

The letter is being written by the secretary at the moment.

The windows have been changed.


4) We can also construct passive voice by using the form “get + V3”, replacing the verb to be with get. This way of speech is usually used when expressing an unexpected event or an accident.

John was unlucky. His leg got broken in the training.

got robbed three times last summer.


5) Turning active into passive:

Let’s take the below sentence as an example:

Sultan Fatih conquered Istanbul in 1453.


In order to turn active voice into passive:

  • The object of the active sentence (the noun that comes after the verb) must be written at the beginning of the sentence:


  • The verb is placed after the subject, using the form “be +V3”.

Istanbul was taken

  • The subject of the active sentence is highlighted by using “by”:

Istanbul was conquered by Sultan Fatih.

  • Finally, words about time and location are added:  

Istanbul was conquered by Fatih in 1453.