schlechte horror spiele Passives are constructed by using the verb “to be” and V3. In passive voice, the object is considered to be the subject of the sentence; therefore transitive verbs (verbs that take objects) can be used for passive voice: break, build, discover, destroy, invent, make, sell, eat, see, paint.

den der ler sidst ler bedst  

ruby laser autonivel there (to) be seen

(to) be written

(to) be painted

(to) be broken

(to) be invented


While constructing a sentence in the passive voice we always use V3. The tense of the sentence is defined by verb “to be”. Therefore while constructing a sentence in the passive voice, we change the verb “to be” in harmony with the sentence, and add V3 to it.

Please compare the use of verb “to be” in the below sentences:

Present simple            : The e-mail is written.

Present continuous     : The e-mail is being written.

Past simple                 : The e-mail was written.

Past continuous          : The e-mail was being written.

Present perfect           : The e-mail has been written.

Will future                  : The e-mail will be written.


Another way to construct the passive voice in the English language is to use “get + V3”. That is to say, “be” can be replaced by “get”. This form is generally used when speaking about unexpected events or accidents.

Mike was unlucky. His leg got broken in the training.

got robbed three times last summer.