schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst Certain verbs (such as give, send, tell, buy, show, etc.) can be used with two objects. In such cases, we can form two different sentences by changing the place of the objects after the verb.

ruby laser autonivel there 1: Jane gave me the book.

2: Jane gave the book to me.


1: Sera bought her daughter a dress.

2: Sera bought a dress for her daughter.


When constructing passive voice, the noun coming after the verb (i.e. the first object) is written as the subject of the passive clause. The passive forms of the sentences written above are as follows:

Passive 1: I was given the book by Jane.

Passive 2: The book was given to me by Jane.


Passive 1: Her daughter was bought a new dress by Sera.

Passive 2: A new dress was bought for her daughter by Sera.


The passive voice of such sentences usually begins with the subject or persona:

I was shown a secret photo by the police.

The teacher was sent a message.

Children mustn’t be given expensive presents.