schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst Subject pronouns and their related possessive pronouns are listed in the table below:

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Subject pronoun           Possessive pronouns

I                                              mine

you                                         yours

he                                           his

she                                         hers

we                                          ours

you                                         yours

they                                        theirs



I need your umbrella. I’ve lost mine.

My car is better than yours.

His is the best painting.

The neighbors have got a small dog, but ours is very big.

John and Jill wants to buy a new house, because theirs is very old.

“Is this Jill’s purse?” “No, hers is over there.”


Possessive adjectives are used before the noun, while possessive pronouns are used without a noun.

This book is my book. (correct)

This book is mine. (correct)


This book is my. (wrong)

Her car is old. (correct)

Hers is old. (correct)

Her is old. (wrong)