schlechte horror spiele I                      :       myself

den der ler sidst ler bedst You                :      yourself

ruby laser autonivel there He                  :      himself

She                :      herself

It                    :       itself

We                :       ourselves

You               :       yourselves

They             :       themselves


Reflexive pronouns have three main uses:

1.We use reflexive proonus to emphasize the agreement between the subject and the object in the sentence.

Marry saw herself in the film.

I am angry with myself.

The dog jumped and hurt itself.

Go and buy yourself something to drink.

The children are proud of themselves. They saved the cat.


  • The following word groups have become idiomatic uses: enjoy yourself, behave yourself, help yourself, make yourself

We enjoyed ourselves at the party.

Help yourself to some more cake.

The children behaved themselves.

Make yourself at home.

Did you two enjoy yourselves at the cinema?


2.We can use the word “by” with “myself, yourself, oneself, etc.”

I don’t need your help. I can finish the report by myself.

Do you like travelling by yourself?

My daughter is staying in a flat by herself.

I can’t go out at nights by myself.

We painted the whole house by ourselves. Nobody helped us.


3.We can use reflexive pronouns to emphasize the subject or the objet in the sentence (to state that the action has to be taken directly by the subject). 

You must do it yourself.

The teacher himself invited us to dinner.

Give this note to Mrs Jelly herself. It is top secret.