schlechte horror spiele Most nouns take ‘den der ler sidst ler bedst -s’ in the plural.
a car                      :                    cars

ruby laser autonivel there a book                  :                    books

a table                :                    tables


If a noun ends in ‘-ch, -sh, -s, -ss, -x, -o, -or, -oz’, add ‘-es’.

Eğer ismin sonu ‘-ch, -sh, -s, -ss, -x, -o, -or, -oz’ ile bitiyorsa çoğul yaparken ismin sonuna -es takısı eklenir.

a watch                :              watches

a brush                :              brushes

a bus                     :              buses

a dress                 :              dresses

a box                    :              boxes

a tomato             :              tomatoes


If a noun ends in a ‘consonant +y’, the ‘y’ changes to ‘-ies’.

a baby                  :              babies

a city                     :              cities

a fly                       :              flies


But if a noun ends a ‘vowel+y’, it takes only ‘-s’.

a donkey             :              donkeys

a boy                    :              boys


If a noun ends in ‘-f’ or ‘-fe’, the ‘-f’ or ‘-fe’ changes to ‘-ves’.

a leaf                    :              leaves

a life                     :              lives

a shelf                  :              shelves


But the following nouns do not follow the rule   .

a belief                :              beliefs

a chef                   :              chefs

a chief                  :              chiefs

a dwarf                :              dwarfs

a giraffe              :              giraffes

a gulf                    :              gulfs

a proof                 :              proofs

a roof                   :              roofs

a safe                   :              safes


Some nouns ending ‘-s’ do not change

a crossroads      :              crossroads

when they become plurals.

a species             :              species

a series               :               series

a barracks           :              barracks

a means              :              means

a headquarters                :              headquarters


Some words are plural in form but in singular meaning.

politics            athletics           gymnastics

billiards            measles            physics

draughts           economics          diabetes



Some nouns have irregular plurals.

a man                   :              men

a woman             :              women

a policeman      :              policemen

a mouse              :              mice

a goose                :              geese

a person              :              people

an ox                    :              oxen

a penny               :              pennies

a louse                 :              lice

a foot                   :              feet

a child                  :              children

a tooth                 :              teeth


Some borrowed words have plural forms in different ways.

a crisis                  :              crises

a oasis                 :               oases

a stimulus           :              stimuli

a formula            :              formulae

a nucleus            :              nuclei

a parenthesis    :              parentheses

a index                :              indexes/ indices

a criterion          :              criteria

a curriculum     :              curricula/curriculums

a syllabus           :              syllabi

a phenomenon :             phenomena

a datum               :              data


Some nouns in singular are the same in plural.

a fish                    :              fish

a hair                    :              hair

a salmon             :              salmon

a grouse              :              grouse

a hover-craft     :              hover-craft

a mackerel         :              mackerel

a sheep               :              sheep

a trout                  :              trout

a deer                  :              deer

a plaice                :              plaice


Some nouns are always plural.

arms     belongings       scissors         contents          earrings           spectacles       clothes  cattle   glasses police           remains trousers           surroundings    jeans    troops  goods  pants    tights    stairs    outskirts           congratulations savings


Initials can be made plural.

a UFO                   :              UFOs