schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst Subordinating conjunctions are used between a main clause and a subclause. The conjuction is placed before the subclause.

ruby laser autonivel there Let’s combine the two sentences below:

I go home.

School finishes.

After school finishes, I go home.

I go home after school finishes.

In the above sentence, changing the place of the subclause does not cause a change in the meaning.


  • after

We went shopping after the film finished.


  • although

Although I am quite a shy person, I have lots of friends.


  • as

As he is reading a book, he is lying on the sofa.

As you grow, you are getting rude.

As he needs money, he works at nights.


  • as if

He looks as if he is having fun.


  • as long as

I eat at the restaurant as long as I have enough money.


  • as soon as

We went to the garden as soon as the bell rang.


  • as though

You are eating as though you are an elephant.


  • because

Because she was late, she took a taxi.


  • before

Don’t start before Jane comes.


  • by the time

We had answered all the questions by the time the bell rang.


  • even if

Even if you are sad, you should smile.


  • even though

Even though it was late, we didn’t hurry.


  • everytime

Everytime I go to the café, I come across Elif.


  • if

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.


  • if only

If only you were near me, I would be happy.


  • in case

I will take my umbrella in case it rains.


  • in order that

I should buy a few books in order that I can read on the journey.


  • just as

Just as I opened the door, I hit the door.


  • no matter

No matter what they say, go on your way.


  • now that

Now that you are ill, you stay in.


  • once

You will understand everything once you listen to me.


  • provided

I will go provided you go, too.


  • rather than

I’d prefer to go rather than stay with you.


  • since

Since I have an exam, I am nervous.

I’ve never been to Adana since I last saw you there.


  • so that

I took a taxi so that I wouldn’t be late.


  • than

He is more handsome than I thought he was.


  • that

I think that you are crazy.


  • though

He drives an old car though he can afford to buy a new one.


  • till

Stay here till I come.


  • unless

Unless you water the plants, they won’t grow well.


  • until

We played outside until it started to rain.


  • when

When I was in America, I visited NY city.


  • whenever

I’ll visit you whenever I have time.


  • where

You should see where the war happened.


  • whereas

The man laughed, whereas his wife cried.


  • wherever

Remember me wherever you go.


  • while

While I was sleeping, the doorbell rang.

While the man likes pop music, his wife likes classical music.