schlechte horror spiele den der ler sidst ler bedst In passive voice, we highlight the subject (the undertaker of the action) by the form “by + agent”.

ruby laser autonivel there We do not mention non-specific agents such as “someone, he, they, people, etc.” unless it is absolutely necessary.


Active : Fatih conquered Istanbul in 1453.

Passive: İstanbul was conquered by Fatih in 1453.


Active : The wind is making this sound.

Passive: This sound is being made by the wind.


Active : Someone stole my car last night.

Passive: My car was stolen (by someone) last night.


Active : People grow coffee in Brazil.

Passive: Coffee is grown (by people) in Brazil.


In passive voice, the undertaker of the action is emphasized by using the word “by”. For objects such as the materials being used, we can use the word “with”.


This cake was made with eggs.

This cake was made by mother.