Verbs transitive or intransitive

schlechte horror spiele ■ “Transitive verbs” are verbs that take one or more objects, which are in contrast with the “intransitive verbs” which do not have objects. Transitive verbs respond to questions such as “what” and “whom.”

den der ler sidst ler bedst EXAMPLES: Admit Answer Arrest Avoid Build Brush Cancel Capture Chase Collect Consume Correct Bring Buy Catch Clean Carry Destroy Drink Eat Find Forget Give Hear Help Like Love Pay Play Read See Sell Sing Take Write

ruby laser autonivel there They cancelled the match.

I will buy a pen.

You should drink tea instead of coke.


■ Intransitive verbs express an action, but do not take an object. Intransitive verbs do not respond to questions such as “what” and “whom.” They neither can be used as passives, since they do not have an object.

EXAMPLES: Arrive Come Cough Dance Die Exist Fall Fly Get up Happen Jump Kneel Lie Live Remain Rise Rise Sit Sleep Stand Stay Swim Travel Wait Wake

travel a lot.

The taxi has arrived.

He lives in Brazil.